India is located close to major illicit poppy growing areas of the world, with “Golden Crescent” on the North West and “Golden Triangle” on the North East.  Beside this India is the biggest supplier of licit demand of opium required primarily for medicinal purposes all over the world. These factors make India and particularly States like M.P. vulnerable to drug abuse specially in poppy growing areas. Districts Neemuch, Mandsaur and Ratlam of Madhya Pradesh contribute lion’s share of licit opium produced in India.

Drug Traffickers procure Pilferages from this licitly cultivated Opium, convert it into Heroin and distribute opiates throughout the state to be illegally sold to drug addicts. Illegal cultivation of opium and cannabis is also reported in some part of Madhya Pradesh. Apart from that introduction of prescription drugs to addicts has aggravated the situation. High incidence of Intravenous/injecting drug use (IDU) leading to HIV/AIDS has added a new dimension to the problem.

Drug abuse by itself, is fraught with dangerous ramification as it causes commission of many drug related crimes. With a view to fully implement the policies enunciated by the Central Govt. of India, State Govt. constituted Narcotics Wing, to exercise general watch and control on drug trafficking, drug abuse, Narco terrorism and drug related crime situation in Madhya Pradesh in all its preventive, investigative and other aspects and to give advice on allied matters.

To control Drug trafficking, control over drug and psychotropic substances related crimes in State and to curb the main traffickers involved in this illegal business, To free the state from this illegal business Operation “PRAHAR” is launched. The “PRAHAR” initiative is a specially conceived, designed and implemented initiative of Mr. Varun Kapoor, (IPS) Additional Director General of Police.