India is the largest producer and exporter of Opium in the world. The opium Poppy is being cultivated in 22 Districts of the states of M.P., U.P., and Rajasthan under the licenses granted by the Central Govt. In M.P. licenses for the cultivation of Opium are given in all the 3 Districts of Ujjain range namely;  Mandsaur, Ratlam and Neemuch. The licensed farmers are required to surrender the entire produce to the Govt. However, given the price difference between what the Govt. pays and the price Opium fetches in the illicit market, a portion of legally produced opium is diverted to illicit channels. Substantial portion of this diverted opium is converted into Smack/Heroin in the makeshift laboratories in and around the opium growing areas.


Working under the direct control and supervision of Director General of Police, M.P.Narcotics wing is being headed by Additional Director General of Police, who has been designated as Additional Director General of Police cum Director Narcotics Wing. The Director exercises control over field functionaries like Superintendents of Police/ Superintendents of Railway Police etc. in matters pertaining to Narcotics offences/ Drug Abuse and other co-related crimes.

Objectives of Narcotics Wing

The main objectives of the wing are as follows:

  • To exercise general watch and control on Drug trafficking, Drug Abuse, Narco-Terrorism and Drug related Crime situation in Madhya Pradesh in all its preventive, investigative and prosecution aspects and to give advice on allied matters.
  • To collect , collate, disseminate and record information and data relating to Narcotics crime and criminals.
  • To conduct studies and impart training in multifarious aspects of Narcotics crime, Demand Reduction and De-addition.
  • To act as a nodal agency on behalf of M .P. Police for maintaining liaison and coordination with all other agencies and organizations dealing with Narcotics within and without the state.

Training Programs

The importance of training can never be over emphasized because the efficiency of any wing is directly proportionate to the quality of training that the personal of that wing. The wing is to depending for its training curriculum on other external agencies, both within and outside the State and arranges the following training programs.

Training on NDPS ACT for the Investigating officers of State including Assistant sub Inspector to Superintendent of Police level. A state level program chalked out and training is conducted in all the district head quarters. Seminars on special subject are also conducted during the year.

Demand Reduction

In the field of Demand and Reduction many simple, innovative yet effective methodologies have been used to generate awareness about the ill effects of narco-drugs in the target groups specially the vulnerable students. In this awareness program TV, VCR, OHP, slides, Cartoons and exhibitions are used to wan away the children and the citizen from becoming potential addicts. In this connection programs are conducted in the all the district head quarters of the state for school children and for the members of Nagar Suraksha Samitee.